Automate your cyber security!

Poor threat and vulnerability management makes you an easy victim.

The Threat: Cyber criminals are becoming faster and faster

Cyber criminals are fast.

Vulnerabilities are exploited just 72 hours after publication.


Organizations are slow.

The average time to fix a vulnerability is 77.5 days.


Business risks are real.

Cyber crime is considered the most important business risk, with damages from 40.000 EUR to billions.


The Solution: Automated threat and vulnerability management

360° view on cyber risks

Patch Pilot provides a vendor-independent analysis of current and upcoming threats, vulnerabilities and cyber risks for your IT platform.

New threat intelligence is constantly added to our cyber security knowledge graph, representing a machine-readable representation of cyber security experience.

Our technologoy covers threat intelligence from all relevant data sources and processes several hundered updates every day.

Real-time notifications

Patch Pilot enables you to outpace the attackers, as our platform processes new threats and vulnerabilities in real time.

Newly discovered threats are automatically assesed with regard to your individual IT platform.

Each time a new threat or vulnerability is detected for your platform your receive an alert with a recommendation.

Automated risk assessment

Our policy-based AI maps known threats and vulnerabilities onto your asset inventory and architecture, providing an always up-to-date cyber risk analysis.

Patch Pilot provides you with a risk-based prioritziation of IT security tasks, enabling a "first things first" approach to IT security.

Changes to your platform (e.g. security patches) are instananeously reflected in the risk assessment.

Individual recommendations

Based on our Cyber Security Knowledge Graph, our Policy-based AI identifies and describes appropriate countermeasures for threats and vulnerabilities.

Your IT security experts can focus on hardening and defending your plattform, while Patch Pilot keeps track of new threats.

Our automated solution ensures that information is not overlooked or ignored.

Our Technology: Automation using Artificial Intelligence

Policy based Artificial Intelligence

The policy based AI behind the Patch Pilot provides you with individual risk asssesments and recommends countermeasures to cyber threats. We call it "policy-based" because each result or evaluation can be traced back to a clearly defined policy.

Of course, customers can individually customize and modify the policies.

Cyber Security Knowledge Graph

The "brain" of our product is the Cyber Security Knowledge Graph. It represents IT security expertise and experience in digital forms and can answer queries like "can this attack harm my plattform?"

The Cyber Security Knowledge Graph is constantly updated with real-time information on new threats, vulnerabilties and products.

100+ OSINT data sources

Patch Pilot constantly monitors all relevant cyber security information sources for new threat intelligence. Whenever a new threat or vulnerability is discovered, an exploit is pubished or an attack pattern emerges, an alert is raised.

As cyber security is a very dynamic topic, the Patch Pilot team constantly works on discovering and adding new sources.

The Team

Dr. Sven Niedner CEO

Sven has more than 20 years experience in IT management and cyber security. In his past roles, he learned about the importance of threat an vulnerability management, and the complexity of the task. As he understood the potential of AI in automating cyber security, he founded Synamic Technologies to help bussiness protect their platforms from attacks using automation and artificial intelligence.
Dr. Daniel A. Döppner CTO

Daniel is an experienced tech expert and solution architect. In his PhD, he investigated the automation of complex decision problems with artificial intelligence. His solutions find application in various industries. Daniel is responsible for our Cyber-Security Knowledge Graph and Policy-based AI. He ensures the flexibility and scalability of the Patch Pilot.

Dr. Markus Hirschmeier Senior Consultant and Product Owner

Markus is an experienced IT compliance and security generalist with a long track record in business critical cyber security and transformation projects. He works as an expert in IT litigation and is well versed in IT arbitration, business impact analysis and IT risk assessment. Markus supports you in our projects by analysing your requirements and aligning the product development with your indivudual security requirements.

Dr. Stefan Hirschmeier Policy Owner

Stefan manages the interface between innovation and regulation for the Patch Pilot, linking legal, commercial and technical aspects. Stefan is accredited as an expert by the Chamber of Commerce and industry. In this role he contributes to complex lawsuits as an expert wittness. Stefan wants to make the digital world a bit secure and regards security as a public value for society. Based on his experience, he ensures that the Policy-based AI is always in line with industry best practices and compliance requirements.

Marie Rentergent Data Scientist

Marie develops algorithms and procedures to analyse incoming information and extract knowledge for our Cyber Security Knowledge Graph. Before joining Synamic Technologies she was working on the classification and cyber risk evaluation of mobile apps in a Fraunhofer project.

Sandra Schäfer Market analyst

Sandra is analysing our customers' requirements in cyber security, and keeps track of competing products. In her master thesis she matches this information against existing compliance frameworks, standards and best practises.

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